"couldn't load plugin" message on Chrome, Linux

user warning: Table 'diogomelo.ds_settings' doesn't exist query: ds_get_settings /* Anonymous : ds_get_settings */ SELECT module, type, build_mode, settings, fields FROM ds_settings WHERE module = 'nd' AND type = 'blog' AND build_mode = 'full' in /mnt/sdf/proj/diogomelo/sites/all/modules/ds/ds.module on line 980.

A lot of people is getting this error today. Probably some bad update. They are noticing it mainly on youtube. Anyway, in linux it is very easy to fix. Just delete your PepperFlash directory.

rm -rf .config/google-chrome/PepperFlash/

Please, comment if this doesn't work or if there is a better solution, or more information regarding what is happening.